• Clive Pedley

    Clive Pedley

    “Direct personal experience from harnessing incredible acts of generosity, many millions of dollars over the years, has given insights and experience for me to advise social purpose organisations in New Zealand every day.” 
    Clive Pedley CFRE FFINZ

  • Iyanthi Wijayanayake

    Iyanthi Wijayanayake

    “As an advisor to the non-profit sector, I have the privilege of helping non-profit organisations tell their amazing stories to passionate donors and investors who are responding with millions of dollars to a crisis half the world away or responding to urgent critical needs in their own back yard.”
    Iyanthi Wijayanayake MBA CFRE FCIM MFINZ

  • Giving Architects Associates Programme

    Giving Architects Associates Programme

    If you are interested in knowing more about becoming part of the Giving Architects Associates Programme, get in touch and let’s talk about how you can join us in driving positive social change

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    Our success as leaders in the social and environmental sector is measured by the success of our clients and their projects.  The quality of our working relationships is a reflection of that success.