By Nigel Harris – Founding Partner at Giving Architects Australia 

It’s June already and for many non-profit organisations, the end of the financial year is looming.

If things aren’t busy enough in fundraising already – with end of year appeals, planning, budgeting and everything else that compresses into a financial year end – this new year brings some extra challenges and uncertainties to consider and prepare for.

Two years ago, things were simpler. Or at least, looking back now, that seems to be the case. Even if those things that we were more certain of, proved to be less certain than we imagined.

And this time last year was just confounding and challenging – and everything but certain!

So where are you now? How are you placed as you prepare for a new financial year and beyond? Are you ready for ‘next’ in your fundraising world – whatever that looks like?

My sense is that we are still holding our breath. Getting on with all we need to do while at the same time watching and wondering – and even, to some extent, waiting.

If that’s your reality, what do you do to take a level of control? To test your certainty around the choices you are making? To manage the changes that are happening around you, those you anticipate, and those you don’t?

Of course, there’s no panacea or silver bullet. We all know that.

There are far more questions than answers!

At Giving Architects Australia, we interested in understanding how you are preparing for ‘next’. We’re keen to hear your thoughts on what’s happening for you now and the challenges and opportunities you are seeing as you plan for a new financial year.

And we would welcome the chance to exchange some good counsel and considered advice.

Feel free to share your comments here or get in touch with us directly.


Preparing for your ‘next’?  

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