A survey of Aotearoa New Zealand’s community sector on the impacts of COVID‐19 by the Center for Social Impact

Source : https://www.centreforsocialimpact.org.nz/media/1623/time-to-shine-_covid19-impact-community-survey-report.pdf

“This report details the findings of a national COVID‐19 impact survey carried out across the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector in May‐June 2020. This was as we were moving between Levels 2 and 1 of the COVID‐19 lockdown. The findings are based on 1,424 responses from a broad cross‐section of the sector.

The research is a partnership between the Centre for Social Impact, Hui E! Community Aotearoa, Philanthropy New Zealand, and Volunteering New Zealand.

The findings shine a light on the experiences of the sector in cherishing and caring for communities throughout COVID‐19 and beyond. They take stock of the impact that effort has had on the sector. They start the conversation about what now needs to be done to honour and grow our effort and effect.

They can help lead confident, collective, well informed discussions around recovery and re‐imagining the future state of a tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector that is well, flourishing and thriving.”

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