impact investment

Giving Architects provide clients globally relevant insights and innovations with a focus on investor-centric approaches to impact investment solutions. We are actively developing new models and applications for projects where impact investment solutions are applicable.  
As an arranger and facilitator of impact investment projects, Giving Architects provides a unique range of experience, skills, and abilities that enable its clients to grow and diversify investment and revenue to ensure greater sustainability.

Giving Architects has become familiar with the needs and expectations of impact investors, ranging from large institutional and pension fund investors, to private foundations, to high-net-worth individuals looking to expand on their philanthropic activity. This has led to an opportunity to investigate and collaborate on projects leading to implementation of impact investment in the Pacific Islands.

Having had direct involvement in the development of the impact investment market in New Zealand and now delivering impact investment solutions, Giving Architects was pleased to bring David Carrington to New Zealand and Australia in April 2018. Over 400 people attended 21 presentations and meetings which were run over 10 days in six cities across New Zealand and Australia. Following these events, Giving Architects has prepared the report below, sharing the insights David shared as well as out views and experience from the impact investment marketplace.

Impact Investment - International Trends and Insights Download Impact Investment - International Trends and Insights .pdf (2.2MB)