Where to from here? Translating trends and trust

Written by Bridget Brown

Over the past few weeks, Advancement Resources and Giving Architects have been examining key issues in philanthropy and fundraising in our Trends and Trust webinar series. 

So far, we have we have highlighted the macro trends in giving, shared findings from donor research, and explored the benefits of having of a culture of philanthropy to bolster donor retention and engagement. These insights lead to one key question – how do you apply the learnings from these webinars to unlock the potential of your organisation?  

The market trends presented in our recent blog post identified the continuing shift in giving patterns. A challenge for all organisations engaged in philanthropy is to question if your current practices are addressing these issues or are there things you could do differently. Is it time to consider what barriers might you encounter in advancing a culture of philanthropy in your workplace and how might you overcome those barriers? And in doing so, more effectively engage donors and advocates, and ultimately serve your purpose. 

Giving Architects Australia Founding Partner Nigel Harris comments, ‘We can find ourselves nodding and agreeing with the presenters of these webinars, it all makes sense and it does sound manageable, but where to next? Do you have the scope to make changes in your workplace? Can you implement changes and do you need some support to get started? And how do you sustain these initiatives once started?’ 

Anecdotally, Giving Architects Australia has found that many organisations understand what they need to do to address these issues and can see the benefits they will have in terms of donor and stakeholder engagement. But that’s not key issue. The barriers lie in the doing – addressing the fundamental questions of time and application of resources.  

GAA is well placed to be a valuable partner offering the insight, discipline and support that will help you embed an informed and effective approach. This leaves you the time and focus to continue to deal with the many other challenges and opportunities in your organisation.  

‘From our vast experience we know what steps to take, and what not to do, as you foster a culture of philanthropy and build donor and institutional engagement and gift support ‘Harris states.  

Giving Architects Australia and Advancement Resources offer a connected approach anchored by knowledge and sustained by implementation. A mix of tailored support packages framed around Advancement Resources suite of workshops, supported by specifically crafted programs delivered by Giving Architects Australia, provide your organisation a path to optimise philanthropic engagement.  

Our previous webinars offered insight and generated questions. Join us for our third webinar in this series, Translating Trends and Trust on Tuesday 20 October where Nigel Harris and Kelley Marchbanks (from Advancement Resources) to address questions, issues and opportunities while providing practical tools to help your organisation.  

To register for the webinar or for more information visit www.givingarchitectsaustralia.com.au  


3-Part Webinar Series  

Translating Trends and Trust 
Join Advancement Resources’ Mauria Brough, Ven Batista-Pedro, and Kelley Marchbanks and Giving Architects Australia’s Nigel Harris as they dive into the history and philosophy behind Advancement Resources’ 20 years of research in medical, academic, and nonprofit philanthropy.

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