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FIA Conference 2022 – Giving Architects Australia at the event in Sydney

The Giving Architects Australia team led by Nigel Harris (Founding Partner – Giving Architects Australia) was at the FIA Conference in...

Giving Architects at the Educate Plus Conference – Adelaide 2022

Emma Zigan – Associate Director at Giving Architects was at the Educate Plus Conference which was held recently. A big thank...

Giving trends in Australia – moving on from the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic of the last two years greatly affected the not-for-profit sector in Australia and across the world. In 2022,...

Building great donor relationships that last – Playing the long game

Donor retention remains the biggest challenge fundraisers face, and donor acquisition remains a herculean task as we unpack and unpick generational...

Rising inflation will hurt fundraising – fact or fiction? 

Economic realities do have an impact on the needs of people and planet. So we could definitely say rising inflation will...

Where to from here? Translating trends and trust

Where to from here? Translating trends and trust Written by Bridget Brown Over the past few weeks, Advancement Resources and Giving Architects...

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