about us

Giving Architects are your trusted advisors, partnering with your mission to design and deliver effective fundraising solutions

What we do

We partner with for-purpose organisations to design solutions that secure financial resources that enables them to deliver greater impact.

At Giving Architects, we focus on the solution, not the problem

Giving Architects design and deliver sound giving solutions based on international best practice, awareness of local opportunities and proactive responses to a challenging fundraising environment. We partner with you to meet your unique needs. Our commitment to you is to develop innovative pathways that enable your organisation and the people in your team to meet the needs that drive positive change for people and planet.

Built on decades of combined experience in advising the for-purpose sector, Giving Architects understands the needs, nuances, unique characteristics and cultural aspects of philanthropy and impact investment in New Zealand and Australia. With an experienced team based across New Zealand and Australia, we are committed to working with you to achieve your goals. We will work with you to build a sustainable fundraising programme, to raise significant funds for a breakthrough project, or to design and deliver an impact investment.

Our values

Our values are our set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs.


Doing the right thing; acting professionally and honestly


Professionally curious and creative thought leaders, exploring new ideas and ways of doing things for the greater good


Takes ownership of their deliverables; admits mistakes


Demonstrates respect for colleagues and takes on outside opinions


Shows dedication to the company and a passion to succeed


Is willing to question the status quo; gives meaningful feedback


Provides outstanding service to clients

Our Experience

As trusted advisors to the for-purpose sector, we have worked with many great organisations to achieve significant fundraising outcomes. The scope and scale of the needs being met varies tremendously. We apply our skills, knowledge and expertise to provide effective solutions that meet your needs.

Giving Architects brings a unique understanding and deep experience with proven expertise in for-purpose sector fundraising and marketing. We specialise in growing revenue so that our clients can fulfill their purpose and deliver greater impact to people and planet. This often involves raising millions of dollars for transformational projects.

These projects often present a challenge to donors and funders who question where Government responsibilities end, and their responsibilities begin.  Carefully crafted donor-centric messaging is essential to demonstrate the compelling and urgent needs that donors can partner in, standing alongside credible organisations and being part of the transformational change. The appeals associated with these needs require careful, strategic planning and the execution of sequential interconnected tasks that optimise philanthropic outcomes. 

At Giving Architects

“We partner with you to enhance your capacity and capability for securing the financial resources you need to deliver your mission in a world that is now very different. "


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