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More giving, more impact, more than consultants

Like you, we’re driven by positive change for people, planet and place.

We know how challenging it can be to connect with donors who care about your cause.

At Giving Architects, we’re more than fundraising consultants, we become a vital part of your team. Empowering you with effective giving solutions to amplify your donor relationships and maximise your impact. We understand your mission is unique. And that’s why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all way of working. With our tailor-made solutions and proven track record, you can trust us to deliver. Whether you need a high-level strategic view or hands-on delivery, we’ll commit to seeing your project through to fruition.

With decades of experience between us, we boast top fundraising talent in New Zealand and Australia. In fact, it’s our team of passionate problem solvers and innovators that sets us apart. With us in your team, you’ll have the confidence needed to think big and succeed.

So, don’t let the size and scale of your mission hold you back. We’ll design and deliver the effective giving solution you need to drive the positive change you (and we!) desire.

Our values | Our 'FIVE C' mantra

Our core values (or what we like to call our five C mantra) are the fundamental principles underlying our mission.


As passionate and committed change makers, driving positive change for people, planet and place is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is your mission. We’ll dedicate ourselves to your cause and won’t be satisfied until we see results.


You’re accountable to your stakeholders and donors, so trust is paramount. That’s why you can trust us to do the right thing, every time.


We’re here to listen. To you, so we can understand your mission. And to others – experts, industry leaders and researchers – so we can apply the best, most up to date information to your project.


We’re curious and creative thought leaders, exploring new ideas and ways of doing things for the greater good. We’ll challenge the status quo, always.


In the same way we encourage you to be donor-centric, we’re relentlessly client-centric. More than fundraising consultants, we become a vital part of your team.

Our Experience

As trusted advisors to the for-purpose sector, we have worked with many great organisations to achieve significant fundraising outcomes. The scope and scale of the needs being met varies tremendously. We apply our skills, knowledge and expertise to provide effective solutions that meet your needs.

Giving Architects brings a unique understanding and deep experience with proven expertise in for-purpose sector fundraising and marketing. We specialise in growing revenue so that our clients can fulfill their purpose and deliver greater impact to people and planet. This often involves raising millions of dollars for transformational projects.

These projects often present a challenge to donors and funders who question where Government responsibilities end, and their responsibilities begin.  Carefully crafted donor-centric messaging is essential to demonstrate the compelling and urgent needs that donors can partner in, standing alongside credible organisations and being part of the transformational change. The appeals associated with these needs require careful, strategic planning and the execution of sequential interconnected tasks that optimise philanthropic outcomes. 

A proven track-record of satisfied clients and trusted partnerships

ChildFund New Zealand

Giving Architects was really great to work with. Together with Marie’s skills and Clive's knowledge of the sector, we received a really useful and practical audit of our digital channels and communications. I really appreciate their approach, service, and way of working!

Auckland Grammar School

"The thing I am proudest of in this campaign is that we managed to achieve our goal of raising $16.65 million. When we set out there was a huge target. The expertise of Giving Architects was quite crucial to achieving a lot of the Success."  

Spectrum Foundation

The team provided flexible advice and support in a rapidly shifting and changing environment, working in partnership with us to build and shape the programme together. Always thinking from a donor perspective, their insight and experience has been key to the progress we have made so far.  

The Selwyn Foundation

The team of Giving Architects became the Selwyn team, and it was like having a fundraising team there, working together with us. They provided us with good structures and processes with weekly meetings and monthly reports to then keep us on track. Often with consultants, it’s very academic and it means something when they are there, but when they’re gone, you are left with; now what? But Giving Architects gave The Selwyn Foundation that route map on how best to progress.  

Hawke's Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust

Giving Architects has much experience in the successful capital raising for a wide range of projects. The team can be completely relied on to research and develop a campaign that will succeed, prepare and deliver timely reports and provide wise counsel and advice along the way. They make a 101%commitment to the project, including making changes to the fundraising plan as changing circumstances dictate. Giving Architects steps up in demanding circumstances and will not let you down. I can thoroughly recommend Giving Architects. 

St Paul's Collegiate School

We could never have achieved our ambitious fundraising target without the expertise of Giving Architects. Their combined skills and experience provided leadership and guidance to help us deliver a very successful capital fundraising campaign. 

Blind Foundation

The Giving Architects approach is strategic, very thorough and disciplined yet they are able to always inject the right amount of creativity and lateral thinking into the mix. They are immensely resilient, strategically agile, committed and never stop until the job is done. It always feels like you have a true partner on board when you have the opportunity to work with them.

Mercy Ships New Zealand

Giving Architects took the time to hear our hearts, to get to know our team, to become familiar with our history, and our dreams. Giving Architects worked with us on creating a plan to move from where we were, to where we wanted to beSeveral months later we are thrilled to have accomplished our initial goal and we are now onto our next significant fundraising goal. 

Well Foundation

Giving Architect’s knowledge of fundraising strategy, structure and execution is outstanding. Their networks and knowledge of the market were exceptional and I would thoroughly recommend their services. 

Childfund New Zealand

We have always valued the opportunity to engage and work with Giving Architects. They are always incredibly well informed about best practice fundraising, international and domestic trends in philanthropy and the emergence of impact investment in the for-purpose sector. Their adaptability and insights across both philanthropic and investment markets has provided key insights and guidance as we traverse how we work with partners to best meet urgent needs in developing countries.We look forward to working with them to effectively engage the impact investor market and achieve the transformational change in the lives of the children we are committed to.” 


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