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As your trusted advisors, we partner with your mission.

We partner with you to enhance your capacity and capability for securing the financial resources you need to deliver your mission in a world that is now very different.
At Giving Architects we have a strong foundation and commitment to working together with our clients to provide exceptional fundraising solutions. With our team bringing together decades of combined experience in New Zealand and Australia raising millions of dollars, we understand the needs, nuances, unique characteristics and cultural aspects of the for-purpose sector.  We work with a wide range of organisations – different sizes, scope, sectors and purpose. We take the time to fully understand and appreciate your unique situation so that we can provide a solution that will work.  Below are introductions to the services we offer:

Fundraising strategy development and tactical planning

Many organisations are needing to adjust to changing circumstances. Helping you achieve your mission by identifying your immediate needs and opportunities is a critical first step.  From there we work with you to optimise your fundraising potential in today’s challenging fundraising environment. Our process is brief and efficient, usually 2-3 weeks from commencement.  This work leads to the development of strategic and effective tactical fundraising plans you can begin implementing immediately.

Fundraising sustainability and growth advisory services

By reviewing relevant data and assessing that against known and effective fundraising strategies, we are able to assist you to develop sustainable fundraising programmes. We pay particular attention to the critical acquisition, retention and growth of donor relationships, considering where there may be greater high value outcomes that can be optimised by your team. This process is critically informed through strategic and direct engagement with a range of external stakeholders, donors and advocates.  We also consider what appropriate investment in further fundraising resources could achieve. With this information we set out a three-year fundraising development plan that can be effectively presented to your leadership team and Board.

Capital Campaigns, Major Donor & Bequest Programmes

We have many years of experience in developing and managing award-winning and successful capital campaigns, major donor programmes and bequest programmes. There are well established ways to prepare for and initiate these game-changing fundraising programmes and some fundamental truths that always apply. We have also found that understanding the unique circumstances of every client and their key stakeholders is critical in achieving successful outcomes.  There are no shortcuts, and a cookie-cutter process will not achieve the best results. Sound methodology, development of a compelling and urgent rationale, a deep insight into donor motivations, and the experience to pull together an effective strategy that can be managed effectively are just some of the essential features we will deliver. The scope and scale of our involvement in this work varies, from initial strategic planning through to full management where we work alongside your team to reach ambitious goals.

Feasibility studies and Campaign Readiness Assessments

These are essential pieces of due diligence for your organisation before making major commitments and investments in raising the funds required to deliver transformational projects. Our approach to this work is to make sure the vision is well framed, the impact is qualified and that the most important key stakeholders are directly involved in developing an informed and effective plan.  Much more than just testing a level of interest, or espousing accepted best practice, these processes ensure you and your team are fully aware of how your most important stakeholders see you, your organisation’s plans and the impact you hope to deliver.

Digital strategy development and advisory services

Your digital strategy is a key part of your overall fundraising and engagement strategy and it should be aligned with your organisational goal achievement. At Giving Architects we create customised and results-oriented digital strategies and tactical plans aligned to your unique mission and fundraising strategy for optimal fundraising outcomes. Our digital services portfolio is designed to cater to your individual needs and we focus on developing strong organic engagement with effective content strategies which stimulate digital audiences to take action to support your efforts. Our approach is comprehensive and is focused on delivering a strategy which is unique to your cause and focused on achieving your desired outcomes in line with your mission.

Impact Investment

Driving Positive Investment for People and Planet

Building on the success of Giving Architects, Impact Architects is an intermediary specialising in designing and facilitating innovative impact investments. We design and facilitate investments for projects that inspire a range of impact investors and provide intentional social and financial returns. Impact investment opens up significant opportunities for organisations where philanthropy and government spending is constrained. Our team has local and international experience in designing best practice impact investments that deliver results, and our unique role is to bring social purpose objectives and impact investors together for the greater good of people and the planet



Thoughts from clients

  • "On behalf of the Manchester House Board, I wish to extend our thanks for what you have accomplished for the Society. Your efforts and planning have dragged us into the 21st century with the finalisation of the Impact Investment Assessment Report and the Executive Summary. This has enabled us to see our way forward to a more stable and sustainable financial future, once these plans are enacted. Thank you again Clive for getting our programme moving as we look forward to a brighter and more stable and sustainable future."
    Kevin Darragh
    Chair of Manchester House Social Services Society Inc.
  • “We have always valued the opportunity to engage and work with Giving Architects at times when we are required to make key strategic decisions. They are always incredibly well informed about best practice fundraising, international and domestic trends in philanthropy and the emergence of impact investment in the for-purpose sector. With child sponsorship such a well entrenched model for many NGO’s all over the world, the decline of that market in many western countries presented great challenges in how to adapt in a way that would best serve the people they exist to serve.  Understanding this challenge and approaching it from a donor-centric perspective is something that Giving Architects have helped us deal with effectively. The latest opportunity to consider impact investment, a rapidly growing market, and how it might best help ChildFund New Zealand achieve its objectives has  been the latest opportunity for us to work with Giving Architects. Their adaptability and insights across both philanthropic and investment markets has provided key insights and guidance as we traverse how we work with partners to best meet urgent needs in developing countries.  We look forward to working with them to effectively engage the impact investor market and achieve the transformational change in the lives of the children we are committed to.”
    Paul Brown
    CEO at ChildFund
  • “As an organisation we needed to do something different from what everyone else is doing.  I got to meet Giving Architects and they knew a lot about what was going on in the sector but were also looking at things in a different perspective. So when I started talking to them about doing things differently, they were  very open to the idea and I soon learnt that their connections and networks gave them the basis for a very good background of what is happening in New Zealand in the sector, and they were well connected internationally as well. For my organisation, I didn’t want to do what everyone else had done. We engaged a number of different organisations over time and most of the other organisations had a formula that they rolled out but Giving Architects thought about things differently. They took time to understand what we did and how we did things and why I wanted to change what we do as an organisation. With that background, Giving Architects came to us with different ideas and different approaches and different ways of looking at what we need to do to change our model. The knowledge and experience of Giving Architects was absolutely critical when it came to us choosing to engage them. It gave us a much wider view of what is happening in the sector, not just in New Zealand but internationally and that helped me in my decision making process along with that of the management and the Board. Those way finders that Giving Architects provide are critical to informing that decision making process. Our issues aren’t significantly different from other organisations but we wanted to take an approach that was different so they were prepared to come and meet us on our terms and talk to us about how we might want to approach things, and that has worked for us ever since we have engaged Giving Architects.”
    Wayne Howett
    CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities New Zealand
  • Clive has shown me that professional fundraisers can truly add significant value. His strategic thinking, drive and leadership have been fundamental to our success and I always come away thinking he has given more than he has taken. Clive is a true professional, who I hold in the highest regard.
    Jon Tanner
    Investment Adviser, Craigs Investment Partners
  • I have worked with Clive Pedley and Iyanthi Wijayanayake on a targeted fundraising campaign which had excellent results. I found them to be thoroughly professional, well prepared and highly effective in whatever they have undertaken on our behalf.
    Bob Kerridge
    Former Executive Director, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland Inc.
  • Clive is value-driven, creative, innovative and passionate about fundraising and philanthropy. His enthusiastic and exciting approach to his work is engaging and contagious. I have got to know Clive through serving together on the CFRE International Board. Having worked with leaders in the non-profit sector in all corners of the world for a number of years, I have found Clive’s insights, initiatives and knowledge about best-practice fundraising to be of the highest standard. In addition, he has a message about social investment innovation that the world needs to hear. To know Clive and to work with him is both a privilege and a gift.
    J. A Tony Myers CFRE
    Principal and Senior Counsel, Myers and Associates, Canada
  • Knowledgeable, skilful and generous in the extreme’ are the first thoughts that come to mind when I think about working with Clive and Iyanthi. Together they make a formidable team. I have worked with Clive and Iyanthi over a number of years and they are currently helping Coastguard with a complex partnership project in Canterbury. They have been flexible and patient as we have dealt with numerous changes and challenges. Clive has a wonderful ability to bring a group of people with differing ideas and priorities together and unite them with a plan to take the project to the next stage. Iyanthi brings expertise and delivers it with professionalism and genuine warmth ensuring everyone gets on board with enthusiasm. It is an ongoing joy to work with them. No matter how challenging or even frustrating a situation is, Clive and Iyanthi have a depth of experience and skill that means they are able to defuse the situation and come up with inventive and workable solutions. I absolutely welcomed this opportunity to recommend Clive and Iyanthi, they enjoy my utmost respect.
    Dominique Leeming CFRE FFINZ
    Marketing & Fundraising Manager, SPCA New Zealand
  • Giving Architects undertook preparation for our 150th capital project, Te Ara Matauranga, through a sound campaign readiness assessment. a challenge to define and convey, they spent time working with us to effectively engage our key constituents and develop an informed capital campaign strategy. with the major challenges made quite clear in relation to our initial ambitions, we adjusted the project and scale of fundraising ambition. this still unprecedented and demanding project required expert knowledge and guidance to support our development office, school leadership and willing volunteers. we have found that the advisory services giving architects have provided for the past 18 months have guided us through a variety of capital campaign challenges and ensured we have made good decisions based on well informed views and a sound awareness of best practice.
    Amanda Stanes
    Former Director of Advancement, Auckland Grammar School
  • The Well Foundation engaged Clive and Iyanthi to assess the feasibility of a potential capital campaign and provide our board with the key requirements for it to run successfully. Clive and Iyanthi’s knowledge of fundraising strategy, structure and execution is outstanding. They conducted numerous face to face interviews with leading philanthropists and provided detailed reports which gave us insights and user-friendly analysis, against a capital campaign context, so our board and team could make robust decisions. Their networks and knowledge of the market were exceptional and I would thoroughly recommend their services.
    Andrew Young
    Former CEO, Well Foundation
  • We weren’t sure where to start, but knew our end-goal was to step into a new arena that required significant fundraising, working with potential high value donors to support Mercy Ships plans for expansion. Giving Architects took the time to hear our hearts, to get to know our team, to become familiar with our history, and our dreams. Giving Architects worked with us on creating a plan to move from where we were, to where we wanted to be. It was a big hairy audacious goal. Our team felt both equipped and enabled for what looked like a monumental leap. Several months later we are thrilled to have accomplished our initial goal and we are now onto our next significant fundraising goal.
    Graeme and Sharon Walls
    Mercy Ships New Zealand
  • I have known and worked with Clive and Iyanthi for a number of years now. Over that time they have worked on a successful capital raising project for me and assisted my group with major donor strategy work. Their approach is strategic, very thorough and disciplined yet they are able to always inject the right amount of creativity and lateral thinking into the mix. They are immensely resilient, strategically agile, committed and never stop until the job is done. It always feels like you have a true partner on board when you have the opportunity to work with them.  
    Alison Wheatley
    Former Executive Director, Supporter Marketing and Fundraising at Blind Foundation
  • We could never have achieved our ambitious fundraising target without the expertise of Clive and Iyanthi. They are a talented pair whose combined skills and experience provided leadership and guidance to help us deliver a very successful capital fundraising campaign. As a school, we were grateful for the interest and passion they showed for our project which certainly contributed to this positive outcome.
    Michelle Smith
    Director of Marketing and Development, St Paul's Collegiate School, Hamilton

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